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Quick Tips to Keep a Baby Engaged in a Newborn Photoshoot

Photographing newborns is one of the most challenging genres. You have to take care of millions of things (angle, light, exposure, positioning the baby), but in addition to all these, you also need to take care of a new little human who is the subject. And everyone knows- that these little humans have quite a bad reputation for being unpredictable at the best times. So, on top of having all the skills to take the perfect photograph, you also need to master the art of controlling the tiny little bundle that can make your session a crying mess. 

While you can’t control what these babies want to do, there are a lot of things you can do to keep these babies calm and engaged during the session. A calm baby is more likely to give you the best shots. Below are some quick tips to keep the baby engaged. 

Tip 1: Make Sure the Little One Is Physically Happy

The little ones are sensory bundles. One thing is sure if you do anything wrong or if they are uncomfortable, hungry, etc., they will let you know. The first thing you need to make sure of is that the babies have a full tummy, clean and dry. 

These should be a starting point for making your newborn photoshoot remarkable, as until you solve these issues, the baby will remain irritated and won’t cooperate with you. Make sure to ask the mums to give their babies a feed just before the photo shoot. This will keep the baby calm and help you to take the best photos. 

Tip 2: Make Sure to Keep the Studio Warm. 

Keep the ambiance warm and pleasant in a newborn photoshoot. Remember, they are just out of the warm and cozy wombs of their mothers. So make sure to keep the studio warm and comfortable for the little one. If a cold draft is blowing in the studio, the little one can remain cranky. So make sure to keep the little one happy. A happy newborn means happy all. 

Tip 3: Wrap the Little One

Newborns love to remain curled up and secured. If the little one remains unhappy and cranky, wrapping the baby can help. Wrapping is also a great idea if the child remains wide awake in a newborn photoshoot. You can get some great photographs by keeping the baby wrapped and managing the crazy arms moving everywhere.

Tip 4: Always Go With What the Baby Loves

It is perfectly okay if the little one is not making a perfect pose for the shot. However, that might mean they are uncomfortable. So, try your best to make the baby feel comfortable and go with the flow of the child’s mood. Try to take candid shots and do what the baby loves. 

Tip 5: Always Keep the Family Members of the Child Around.

Newborns are connected to their mother and their family members. Involve family members so the little bundle feels secure and spends their best time with them during the newborn shoot. 

In Conclusion

Newborn photography needs skills to keep the child engaged and bring out the best in the little ones. You can use the tips mentioned above to provide the child with the needed comfort and take the best shots.