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How to decorate the household in the most authentic way possible

Bali stone is mainly a naturally occurring stone in the volcanic mountains of Indonesia. Marble stone has been an icon of luxury for the architectural purpose for ages and will continue to be so. The marbles that are available in Indonesia are aesthetically beautiful and more sustainable than imaginable. The product is much stronger than its Chinese counterparts. These Products are not just Basins or Pots but sculptures made by some of the finest craftsmen in Indonesia giving them an aesthetic vibe. Indonesia is home to some world-class artisans and bali marble stone tiles price is affordable and reasonable as well. 

Types of Bali marble

  • Lava Stone marble: Lava Stone is mainly a type of grounding stone that strengthens the connection of an individual to Mother Earth. It gives them strength and courage, allowing them stability through times of change. It also provides guidance and understanding in situations where they may need to “bounce back” to their opponents. A calming stone that is made out of lava, is useful during times of dissipating anger. It also promotes positive changes where needed during behavioral issues.
  • Limestone marble: The limestone also known as calcium oxide is usually an organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation of shell, coral, algal, and fecal debris household which can also be a part of an underwater sea cave. It can also be a chemical sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate from lake or ocean water which consists of a lot of sediments alone.
  • River Stone marble: Riverstone marble is also known as the “bones of Mother Earth”, Riverstone is one of the oldest continually-used crystals that are used for strength and energy. 
  • Travertine Stone marble: Travertine is a type of limestone formed by mineral deposits from natural springs that occur naturally. This sedimentary stone is created by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, known as calcite. Other minerals also get mixed with the calcite to create unique swirls and movements that give travertine its distinctive character.
  • Honey Onyx Marble: It is the most common form household of marble forming in clear, warm, shallow marine waters. It is usually an organic sedimentary formation of rock from the accumulation of shell, coral, algal, and fecal debris. It can also be extracted from a source of chemical sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate from lake or ocean water.


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